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Have you been following along with the endless rumors about who is or who is not going to be replacing John Galliano at Dior? I have, partly because itoo my job and partly dior online store because I love a good, public mess, and it would seem that LVMH is no closer to naming a successor than it dior pas cher was the day it dior handbag price dismissed Galliano over his anti-Semitic verbal attacks against patrons at a Paris café. The latest scuttlebutt is that Raf Simons demanded too large of a salary, and that in a rage, Dior CEO Sidney Toledano signed interim designer Bill Gaytten on for six more seasons.

I donoo know if I believe the particulars of that rumor, but I wouldnoo be shocked if Dior did keep Gaytten around for the foreseeable future. Not only is he less expensive to retain than a ooameo?designer, but his collections, which critics have derided as too safe and too obviously pretty, are also incredibly wearable. Dior Fall 2012 may not be a conceptual tour de force, but right down to the handbags, I could see wealthy Dior clients wearing basically everything that went down dior handbags sale the runway. Thatoo not always true for collections that are high on concept; after all, Gayttenoo first year at the helm of the dior handbags online brand netted Dior a more than 20% increase in profits, despite the protestations of unimpressed fashion writers the world over. Check out the bags for Buy Dior bags cheap fall dior handbags sale after the jump.

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