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When everyone came back from YSL Handbags Outlet Vegas, Kyle took her daughter shopping and wanted to YSL handbags replica gossip about Camille. Apparently Camille took exception with the number of questions that Kyle had asked about her upcoming vacation to Hawaii, and she also claims that Kyle made a snide remark about no one caring about Camille without Kelsey around. Kyle admitted asking the questions, which she says were misinterpreted (probably because Camille goes into any interaction with a woman already thinking that said woman is out to get YSL handbag outlet her), but she denied saying anything of the sort about Kelsey.

Since the comment Camille claimed to have heard didnoo fit anywhere in the context of what she and Kyle were talking YSL Muse about, Ioo YSL handbag going to have to choose believe Kyle on YSL discount handbags this one, and Lisa agrees with me, despite being friends with the offended party. Also, Camille is far more annoying than basically anyone else on this show (and, letoo face it, most people on the face of the YSL store planet), so Iool side against her whenever given half an opportunity. Perhaps Iool start feeling more sympathy when Kelsey YSL bag dumps her, but it looks as though that Nick Replica YSL Handbags guy is just YSL handbags sale waiting for his shot. Or maybe heoo already had it.

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