YSL Bags 2013

At the pool the next day, all of the ladies were decked out in Birkins and YSL YSL Bags 2013 Tributes to sit in the cabana and get absolutely no sun. Pretty soon, the Patron shots started coming and Camille accused everyone of trying to get her to drink YSL handbag while she was holding a tequila shot that she herself had enthusiastically ordered moments before. She sipped her shot (I hate when people YSL handbag outlet sip their shots) and soon wanted to talk about her breasts in great detail, right after complaining that women YSL bag are too catty YSL handbag sale uk and not any fun. Not if youooe always YSL handbags harrods talking about your tits, honey.

Before we knew it, dinner was served YSL Wallet yet again. Everyone sat around drinking and boozing, and YSL Bags suddenly, Nick the tennis player showed up to ooeep Camille company.o?Camille speculated that Kelsey had sent him YSL online to keep an eye on her, but as Adrienne astutely noted, Ioo not sure that would be the guy Ioo send to make sure any woman remained chaste and well-behaved. YSL store Suddenly, though, we were all distracted from that issue by the blowjob that Taylor seemed to be giving to a giant wad of cotton candy that had miraculously appeared on the table. Not to be crude, but I guess we now know why her husband bought her those lips.

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