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Note: Balenciaga asked us to remove the images as they are for internal use only.

Ioo continually surprised and impressed by our PurseForum members. The kinds of things that these ladies are able to get their MUI MUI store hands on Miu Miu Bags before the rest of the fashion community always impresses me; itoo like they were all detectives in another life. If you need a handbag mystery solved, itoo them you should be asking. They can find anything, miu miu handbags even things that brands try very hard to prevent from being found.

Take, for miu miu handbag example, this page miu miu bag from a Balenciaga boutiqueoo sales book, which shows the Balenciaga Fall 2012 color swatches in all their glory and which we found in a thread Miu Miu Handbags Outlet on our Forum. These are the shades that Balenciagaoo much-loved Motorcycle Bags will be made in for the coming pre-collection and collection, the first of which will start hitting stores at the end of the summer. Want to see how these hues are going to look on actual bags? Well, youooe in luck. Check out an expandable swatch chart and a miu miu handbag sale first look at the bags after the jump.

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