Dior purses for cheap

I know that animal prints can sometimes be in style and by Dior purses for cheap cute, but also can be seriously over the top. How about NO, Dior!!! What the heck is going on with this bag?! The Dior Saddle bags have come out in a plethora of styles and varieties, but some are just major no-nooo. This is definitely one of them. Feast your eyes on the Dior Pony Leopard Saddle Pouch. It reminds me of Halloween, meets drag queen, meets Mardi-Gras, meets stripper, meets ALL WRONG. Somehow, the bag is said to ooxudes contemporary glamouro? I may not have been crowned Miss Glamorous 2006, but I do know dior online store that this bag dior outlet is not glamour. Made from leopard-printed calf hair and dior handbag price finished with red calfskin and golden metal hardware, I see this bag being carried by un-stylish wanna be stylish Tarzanoo Jane. Um yes, that sentence was confusing English, but I know you followed. This mess of a bag is being sold by eLuxury for $490. Get it while it is hot and before it dior pas cher is sold out! Ioo sure Lady dior handbags sale Jane dior handbags sale (above) wouldnoo mind sharing her style tips with youo?/p>

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