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Everything that wasnoo blue was military or safari inspired o?it was hard to tell which one, although Ioo hoping safari, for the sake of collection cohesion. Many of the patterns appeared to be safari-inspired (birds, palm fronds, snakeskin, etc), so Iool stick with that theory. This portion of the show is where Gucci loses me a bit o?I donoo like cargo pants for $29 at Old Navy, and I certainly donoo like them for many times that at Gucci. The prints are nice, though, but arenoo they very Resort-y for a Spring RTW collection?

Flowy, flowy, flowy dresses, you have stolen my heart. Sure, on anyone thatoo not Cheap Gucci Bags 5o?0 and 115 lbs, they may verge on muumuu, but if Gucci Bags Outlet they are, then they Gucci Wallet are the most beautiful muumuus I have ever gucci handbags sale laid eyes upon. The fabric is light, airy, and the colors of a beautiful coastline. In a perfect world, I would wear gucci replica one of Gucci Belts these all summer. Gucci outlet Store Everywhere. To the grocery store. To get my oil changed. Ioo not kidding.

But my favorite look of the show was one that didnoo quite fit the collection o?a long-sleeved, gucci online maxi-length, jet-black stunner of a Gucci Men Shoes flowing jersey dress. Ioo not sure exactly how this one counts as a spring look because it looks like fall and winter to me, but whatever, itoo still gorgeous. This is another dress Ioo wear everywhere o?even if the cleavage is kind ofo[leavagefull. Thatoo how I roll. Itoo incredibly simple, so Ioo not sure why I Gucci Hats love it so completely, but I would LOVE to have this in my closet.

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